It’s Time to Revamp Our Education System

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images (16)Closing the education gap has been the goal of many educators but to Jean-Claude Brizzard  “There is evidence that we are making progress toward closing the opportunity gap, but I am worried – we are not closing the success gap.”  With more than 27 years of experience Jean has seen it all as a–  classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, district administrator, regional superintendent with a portfolio of more than 100 schools in Brooklyn NY, and school superintendent in two large cities.

Jean argues “we still don’t have a single high-performing urban district. Given that millions of young lives hang in the balance, isn’t it time to admit that this 50 years of failure isn’t a coincidence and admit that the district is unfixable and must be replaced?”  A generation that is motivated to learn is what we need.  Training students for jobs that don’t exist is one of Jean’s major critiques.

School systems must radically evolve as we educate a more diverse student population and accommodate extremes of need not imagined when the current systems were designed.

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