It took a village to build LATISM’11

When I said that it took a village to build LATISM’11 I meant them with every cell of my body.  All the volunteers, the speakers, the sponsors, the supporters and the partners made the conference possible.  Now we’re getting dozens of emails from interested sponsors and partners for LATISM’12 in Houston.  I still feel the need to go over all the conversations in the blogosphere and carefully review every single feedback that has arrived.  I am glad to report that we have received 410 surveys back and the feedback has totally exceeded my expectations.

Last week, I went over my top 5 moments of the conference.  When we asked the community on the survey, all 410 shared aspects that were expected, but also little details that never caught my attention.  In order to pay tribute to all, I’ll mention every moment here in picture, words or video.   Here’s what the community said:

“The Johnson & Johnson’s video suite was great.  I loved their focus on using social media for social good”

Here are two of my favorite videos! but you should totally visit the #JnJ channel to see them all.
The other hit by Johnson & Johnson was the bringing Mary Anne Muller all the way from Chile as a keynote speaker.  We received so many feedback about her presentation.

“I was moved to see gang kids doing Yoga”

“The simplicity of Mary Anne’s message made Fundacion Origen even more powerful”

“I loved Rick’s story and his commitment to empowering his fellow Latinos”

The Cyber Sustainable Development project was also well received.  Many loved the fact that we didn’t just go and abandoned the project.  Instead a local leader was there representing the project and showing a concrete example of their scope.  I was humbled by Johnson & Johnson’s selfless engagement in this project.  The video crew was there to document everything.  However they also got their hands dirty with photography workshops, hospital visits, translations and so forth.

A huge thanks to Johnson & Johnson for the ongoing support to LATISM and for empowering our community in so many levels.




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