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Access to the Internet in the 21st Century is an everyday feature everyone has access to right? Wrong! You wouldn’t believe how many communities don’t have the ability to connect on the World Wide Web, and Lifeline can help alleviate this issue.

What is Lifeline and why is Lifeline Broadband needed?

Lifeline is a federal run program from the Reagan Administration, that for 30 years has helped the people of low-income communities pay for discounted telephone services. If telephone services can be made readily available and affordable to the people in these communities so should broadband Internet.

Did you know that 41% of American homes only have access to the Internet through a wireless cellphone? Can you imagine trying to do your homework, apply for jobs and fill out government forms all on your smartphone? Yes, it is possible and I’m sure many of you have done it several times. However, it is extremely frustrating and most of the time we decide to wait until we get home to finish. Unfortunately not everyone has that option. Only 53% of all Latinos and 38% of Spanish- dominant Latinos have broadband at home.

These low-income communities need to stay connected and cost does matter. The average monthly Internet bill is $48. That is too much for low-income Americans. Tell the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) we need Lifeline Broadband to be $10/month for the people of these communities.

To spread the message and promote the need for Lifeline Broadband, LATISM is hosting a twitter chat. Join LATISM and CETF on Thursday, February 25th at 9:00 PM ET to build up awareness to this issue affecting our communities.


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Take Action- Email the FCC to tell them to include broadband Internet in the Lifeline program:

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Closing the digital divide and bringing communities closer.

Louis Herrera, an #internet4all supporter who is visually impaired talks about the importance of affordable internet.






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