Tech-Tuesday: On The Importance of Engagement (Social, Civic… You Name It!)

Alma DDB

Guest Post by Sylvina Jover-Cirillo (@LatinaComm)

A few weeks ago it was one of those times when I was on the right place at the right time. The most incredible part is the fact that the right place was Twitter!

LATISM’s @ergeekgoddess was around to retweet a job post from @AlmaAgency. I usually retweet every job posting because I think is a great way to help our followers and peers. Nevertheless, before retweeting, I like to double-check the information. When I realized the agency’s website was down, I just gave them a call to get more information about this employer. One thing led another, and the person with whom I spoke recommended me to send my CV. Next thing I know, between tests and interviews, I was enjoying Miami. The very next week, I started working remotely as the new Community Manager of Alma DDB, an advertising agency specializing in the Hispanic/Latino market. A week later I find myself relocating to Miami and having the privilege of working at Alma’s office in beautiful Coconut Grove.

Although everything happened very fast, I’ve been thinking a lot about this opportunity and how it came to life. The only word I could find to describe this situation was the following: Engagement. As an advocate for several causes, political and apolitical, I’ve always considered that without participation nothing could be achieved. Maybe, this attitude is engraved in my being because I grew up in Uruguay, where social and political involvement has always been part of my life. Or maybe is just another Latin@ quality! Either way, commitment and initiative are qualities that should be exercised in order to obtain results, no matter the circumstance. In this particular case, my engagement capacity, initiative and participation in the #LATISM community simply changed my life.

In addition to this humble note, I want to show all of you a little token of appreciation by giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. Feel free to visit my new blog, Latina Communicator, learn about my new life –which will allow me to be closer to my Latino community- and just leave a comment to get entered into the drawing.

To all of you: Thank You! And let’s keep on participating and committing to whichever cause we feel comfortable as long as it allows us to support, grow and improve our community.


Silvina is currently the Community Manager at Alma DDB. Previously, she was the founder and owner of Around The Globe Translations. She has a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations studies, and an M.A. in Global Affairs with concentration in Global Studies. Professional background: working with international companies focused in export and import matters. Currently, she offers her expertise on interpretation and translation via her company.

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