Immigration Reform Must Stay In Front


A page one story in the Sunday New York Times is suggesting that immigration reform is now at the back of the line due to coming battles over military action in Syria and a debt ceiling fight that must be resolved by October 1. I think this is a total cop out on the part of our president and the House Republicans.

The debate over Syria should have ended yesterday in light of the fact that the vast majority of Americans DO NOT support US military action in that country. The fight over the debt ceiling is ongoing and should also be dispatched equally quickly and hopefully in a way that offers a more permanent solution, so these issues stop coming up.

Immigration reform should be at the top of the agenda and we should be bringing major pressure to bear on the White House and House Republicans because it is they who have failed their own constituents. The president has now lied to us twice, saying immigration reform would be handled in his first term and again this time around. If political pundits are right, the whole issue could be kicked forward until well into 2014 and beyond.

The problem is that the Senate did a reasonable (but by no means perfect) job of putting a package together. Almost immediately, House GOP and Tea Party activists began tearing at the package and screaming about it being too lenient on immigrant law-breakers and other nonsense issues. The hypocritical irony of their statements really speaks to the corporate interests that are paying them to block the legislation. Too much of corporate America relies on cheap, illegal employees they can use as virtual slaves. The real criminals are sitting in the House and at boardroom tables in the Fortune 500. And what of the United Nations? Where is their mission? I wonder why the US is a member if it will treat the UN as a useless sticker with a legacy of uselessness and inaction that borders on the obscene.

The behavior of our elected (purchased) officials is truly wrong, criminal, and abusive towards those they claim to serve. All any immigrant, documented or not, wants is a chance for a better life and the White House has violated that bedrock American principle on an almost daily basis since taking office. It is high time we brought constant, visible and embarrassing pressure to bear on these elected miscreants and their corporate masters.

The Times article went into great detail about endless protests, vigils, marches, petitions and civil actions taking place and planned all over the country. Our Dreamers and many others are passionate and committed to keep Immigration on top. We must continue to move ahead with our planned actions including our march and vigil in NYC following the LATISM13 Conference on Saturday, September 21st.

We can make this better. We can make our officials do what is right. We must. For the future; for our children and for this country.

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