Immigration Reform 2013 News: As Senate Vote Nears, Opponents of Immigration Bill Promise Major Opposition


Immigration laws have a chance this time around and with the support of different medias it is starting to look up.

With a Senate committee readying to vote this week on the hotly-debated comprehensive immigration reform bill submitted by a bipartisan U.S. Senate group, supporters of the bill are cautiously optimistic that the bill has a better chance than ever at passing.

Public support has been a crucial aspect of this journey.  Last week thousands of people lined up for May day to demonstrate a calling for immigration reform.  The Gang of eight which includes four Republicans and four democrats are backed up by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  However, we must not ignored opposition from conservatives.  The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, released an updated report on Monday warning that immigration reform would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. 

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