How Does ADHD Affect School Performance?


A child who has ADHD struggle with school more than the average student.  According to the U.S. department of education sudents with ADHD struggle to follow rules or required completed tasks.  They can also partake in classroom disruptions and poor academic achievement.

In comparison to children that do not have ADHD students with ADHD have lower marks, more failed grades,  more expulsions, increased drop out rates, and a lower rate of undergraduate completion.  (Weiss & Hechtman as cited in Johnston, 2002; Ingersoll, 1988).

What are the ADHD symptoms?

Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity—make meeting the daily rigors of school challenging.

How to help students with ADHD?

Collaborative partnerships between home and school are especially important during the initial assessment of the child’s disability and educational needs.  Providing a effective education plan.  Getting input from the student is also important this promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility. 

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