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  The world is changing in the design industry with two remodeling sites.

In January, 14 million people turned to Houzz a small Palo Alto, Calif., company that has grabbed the $300 billion remodeling industry by the tail.  This new company has connected homeowners with design professionals and together they are working on new ways to remodel homes.

Houzz can save clients tons of money and designers a lot of time in figuring out what they want.  Houzz is budget friendly site and will give advice to people with a small budget.  Houzz is a virtual site and there is no hassle in decorating. People no longer have to purchase magazines, books and cut and paste pictures.

A site like Houzz gets more business for established players in the remodeling market.  Houzz is becoming a source of inspiration for the residential design community.  Clients browse through ideas on the home-improvement site and the magic begins.

Houzz offers iPad and iPhone apps that have been downloaded 6 million times!  The site is very successful it has 14 million visitors a month and 1.3 million downloads and 4 million visitors a year.  Advertising by national brands and subscription packages are boosting profits for this business.

Houzz has recent competition with Zillow Digs a similar service.  Zillow Digs has an ipad app that includes remodeling projects and links to more than 20,000 home improvement professionals and more than 30,000 photos.

These sites are not only useful for designers and client but families can join in on the fun too!

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  1. Julianne Weimer 7 years ago

    There are apps now that are so useful for the designers. It’s a big help for them.

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