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Asthma Awareness

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Management of Asthma

Once asthma has been established as a diagnosis, it is important to determine its severity (number of asthma exacerbations/ night time symptoms) and risk factors (hospitalizations, need for oral systemic steroids etc.) of the child in order to determine proper treatment options. Asthma is categorized as intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent or severe persistent.

The family is the most important resource for a child with asthma.  Parents have to correctly give daily medications and they have to be able to detect and respond to the signs and symptoms of asthma. Parents have to know when to give rescue medications, when to call the doctor and when to seek emergency care for severe asthma attack.

Parents who are familiar with their children’s mediation are more likely to reach  long term asthma control for their child. Their collaboration with their child’s pediatrician will increase their understanding of their child’s asthma, their understanding of how to treat asthma in different scenarios and their ability to have a care plan for when the child has an asthma exacerbation.

“An asthma action plan provides written care instructions to the family that are personalized to the patient’s asthma type. A well-designed plan serves as both an educational and treatment tool. Many versions are available. The choice of plan should be based on whether it is age appropriate for the child, at a reading level that allows comprehension by the family, and ideally in language spoken in the family’s home. It should include contact information for the pediatrician, a list of medications, and instructions clarifying which medication is being used for maintenance or rescue therapy (Link , 2014).”

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Education for our patients and their parents is going to be a major  goal of the Asthma Coalition of Staten Island. The team of Pediatric residents and attendings who have taken the task of creating this Asthma Coalition look forward to working with parents, caregivers, teachers and other health care professionals on Staten Island to achieve this goal!

Check out this great video geared for kids to teach them about asthma!




Pediatrics in Review

July 2014, VOLUME 35 / ISSUE 7

Pediatric Asthma in a Nutshell

Dr. Holger Werner Link, MD




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