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    Wikipedia is the living, breathing and one of the most reliable sources of information which is now regarded as the newest and most innovative addition in the marketing world. Wikipedia is used as a marketing tool by numerous business companies and entrepreneurs. The main reason for such extensive use of Wikipedia in marketing is its effectiveness in establishing a business reputation. Since Wikipedia is one of the most reputable informative platforms, having a wiki page leaves a positive impact on your business or company. The best part is that the platform provides you with proper guidelines. From tips and rules on how to create a Wikipedia page to the criteria for creating a page, the comprehensiveness of Wikipedia is undeniable.
    Other than marketing Wikipedia is used to share information and relevant data on a wide-ranging array of topics and subjects. However, there are a few aspects that can be a bit challenging to handle while creating a wiki page. Some of these points are mentioned as under:

    • Poor writing style. Wikipedia demands not only accurate information but also comprehendible writing style and easy language.
    • Notability criteria of Wikipedia are one of the biggest challenges that wiki creators have to face. Without being eligible and fulfilling this criterion, one cannot possibly have a wiki page.
    • The inclusion of unverified sites and sources is a big no when it comes to creating Wikipedia page.

    How to verify the credibility of your cited sources in Wikipedia?

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