Grading Problems With Regents Exams Delay Some Diplomas


145722536Regents diplomas are the decisive factor in receiving a High School diploma.  Hundreds of seniors graduating this week across New York City have yet to receive their high school diplomas because of problems in the city’s new high-tech system of grading state Regents exams.  Grading systems changed from teachers grading their own students’ tests to scanning the finished exams and sending them randomly to teachers throughout the city to grade.

The exams were shipped to Connecticut to be scanned, where a computer system experienced “intermittent slowdowns,” a spokesman for McGraw-Hill, Brian Belardi, said.  Students, families and school faculty have to deal with fake graduations because the tests have not been graded.  Erin Hughes, a spokeswoman for the city’s Education Department, said  that the problem affected fewer than 3 percent of the roughly 57,000 seniors and that each year there was a relatively small number of students who received their scores, and their diplomas, after graduation ceremonies.

Hopefully schools can get this problem sorted out for upcoming graduation classes.  No one should have to suffer with the thought of not passing or graduating because tests are not graded.

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