GM To Re-Enter Superbowl Ad Mix


After a year off, General Motors has announced that they will be once again paying the requisite $3.8 million or more for a 30 second commercial this February when the Superbowl airs. A change in business plans and the need to supposedly launch some 12 new models in the U.S. is the driving force.

The question of whether or not millions of dollars are well spent on a 30 second ad has been debated for many years. But in the past 5-10 years, since the growth of mobile technology, social media, and the Internet, the ads themselves have taken on a life of their own that sometimes easily eclipses the football game. Certain ads (usually involving animals) have created memes, more ads, websites and huge buzz for the advertiser. Personally, I find the ads far more interesting than the game, in most cases.

The last game was viewed by some 109 million people so there’s no doubt that if you advertise someone will likely be watching. But is it worth $3.8 million? To some folks it probably is.

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