#GlobalMoms Relay Twitter Chat -Thursday May 28th at 9P.M. EST


What kind of world do you want for your family by 2030?

We need to envision the future in terms of health, education, and access to opportunities for our own families and families around the world.

The bleak reality is that for millions of mothers, living in poverty, access to vital health information is a matter or life or death. Nearly 800 women a day die from pregnancy and childbirth complications, many of which are preventable.

There is no question that every girl and woman should be in charge of her health by having access to vital health information. And, every girl deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential, no matter where she is born.

Help make a difference. Follow @GlobalMomsChall or visit  www.GlobalMomsRelay.org to learn how to help improve the lives of mothers and children.

Join #GlobalMoms Relay Twitter Chat brought to you by #JNJ, Thursday May 28th at 9P.M. EST. Share your vision. Let’s heighten the dialogue about the power of motherhood and how to work together for a better, healthier world.

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