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 Introducing Glipho a new smart way of blogging where you can use other social networks and connect it to your blog

According to Founder and CEO Roger Planes, “blogging was long overdue for a step forward,” which is why he created the innovative new site, Glipho.  Glipho is a new social media community that connects Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to drive traffic from across all social networks to your blog posts.  “We are social to the core, we embrace social networking and try to integrate it in the Glipho experience taking advantage of what each different service has to offer,” says Planes.The abundance of free blogging platforms makes starting a blog tempting and easy.  Millions of people around the world have used the internet as a way to share everything from parenting tips to fashion trends.  With unlimited choices in your means of communicating, from Twitter to Blogger and Facebook to Instagram, managing all platforms and tools becomes a challenge. The desire for a streamlined process in the digital world calls for a new and different platform, one that aggregates content across platforms.London-based software developer, Roger Planes, answered this need with a new kind of publishing platform: Glipho.  “In an age where the majority of bloggers are active in social networking, existing platforms haven’t tried to add the social experience to the core of blogging,” explains Planes.

The publishing platform provides the necessary social sharing tools and an audience of like-minded bloggers and visitors to guarantee your voice gets heard. Like many traditional websites, posts are grouped by shared topics to bring similar users together to ensure maximum exposure of your post and allows for conversation to grow organically. Glipho’s editing technology makes adding multimedia to a post seamless: you can drag and drop images and video from YouTube, Instagram, Picasa and Flickr accounts directly into your Gliphs, making it easy to add graphics to any post.

What if you already have a blog? In just 3 clicks, Glipho’s technology allows users to import existing posts from other platforms and automatically tag the page in such a way that search engines don’t crawl them – removing any problems with duplicate content for the originating blog.

Once you establish your Glipho account, the extensive social sharing and the optimized infrastructure of the site means search engines rank Gliphs higher than posts on traditional publishing platforms – meaning more people view your profile. Many users who write original content end up on the first page of Google searches, making their profiles highly visible. Furthermore, users from over seventy five different countries use Glipho daily, which helps bloggers reach new and diverse audiences.

Planes explains that ultimately, Glipho is a “place where the only thing you have to worry about is writing, reading and engaging with other people.”

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