Feliz Día De la Tierra: Inspiration from the LATISM Earth Day Twitter Chat

Gulf Of Mexico Collage

Today is Earth Day, and in its honor, I wanted to share about a couple of unrelated but equally inspiring “Save the Earth” moments that happened to me this week.

First “Save The Earth” moment: I went to Dallas on a business trip, and as it is my custom, started snapping pictures from the plane, here are a couple:

Imagine my dismay as I learned that this undeniably beautiful image is, in reality, the picture of quite a sinister location: The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, one of many such areas around the world.

For background, this is an area that appears every summer, of roughly 8,543 mi² [equivalent to the size of the State of New Jersey!!], where deep water sea creatures can’t survive. Much of the blame for this particular dead zone falls upon agricultural fertilizers rich in nitrogen and phosphorus that seep into the water supply, go down the Mississippi River, and eventually find their way into the ocean. This does not only affect ocean creatures, threatening entire species, but it’s also slowly destroying the economy of this formerly booming fishing area, among other dire consequences to coastal area human inhabitants that are too numerous to do them justice here. This article will help give you lots more perspective about it.

Second “Save The Earth” moment: this past Thursday we held our annual Earth Day LATISM Twitter chat, and one of the questions I asked was:

The answers  I got were nothing short of inspired, snappy tidbits of wisdom that I’m planning to print and stick on my refrigerator as a daily reminder to thank our Pachamama and do everything in my power to honor it everyday.





Beautiful sentiments, straight from the most influential Latinos online! I leave you here with the full EARTH DAY LATISM PARTY TRANSCRIPT, hoping the conversation, tips and resources they shared inspire you – as they did me – to continue making concerted green efforts, to create awareness and help press for stronger regulations on things like keeping chemicals away from the sea and the Clean Air act, and to propose green initiatives at the corporate level within the organizations we collaborate with, to name a few.

We have a duty to our planet, and some of the most impactful things we can do to help save it are just simple switches in the mundane activities we do as we go through life. Below are a couple of resources to get you started, as shared during our party [many more in the transcript!]

Happy Earth Day, and let’s make an effort to celebrate it everyday! And don’t forget to tell us how YOU celebrate Earth Day in the comments!




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