Felices Pascuas #LATISM


May this be the jump (Pesaj) from slavery to freedom, from death to life, from winter to spring.  A new beginning and a new esperanza!

Why am I talking about slavery in 2013?

Because our dreamers are slaved by the outdated immigration laws in our country.

Because our tech startups are still getting less than 2% of VC funding and innovative ventures are getting killed too early.

Because our Latino students are slaved by a failed education system that can’t retain them in high school and much less in college.

Because our Latinas are slaved by an outrageous wage gap (out of every dollar a man makes, a Latina gets an average of 57 cents).

Because entire families are slaved with fear of the highest deportation rate in the history of our country.

Because still today, Latinos are slaved by the highest unemployment rate in the country.

Because Latinos are slaved by unhealthy choices that bring us to top ethnic group with the highest obesity rate.

But there is a new esperanza and a new beginning for all of us:

I place my hope in #iMarch – A new movement that will bring all organizations together and march until the new immigration reform becomes a law.

I place my hope in Latino2 and the new opportunity fund to help Latinos in Tech startups that is about to launch.

I place my hope in the birth of organizations like Exelencia, Level Playing Field, and the White House Initiative for Educational Excellence in Education that are solely focused on winning the future for our estudiantes.

I place my hope in NHLI, and the new ELLA Institute for helping our mujeres stand up for what they are really worth.

I place my hope in the many revolutionary voices like Latino RebelsFamilies for Freedom and Politics365 that are shedding light to these multiple deportations. With the hope that one day, we take the cojones fuerza to stop them a la buena o a la mala.

I place my hope in the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce because they’re helping many Latinos become business owners and go from unemployment to employers.

Finally, I place my hope in all the Latina Health Bloggers (Bloggers of Health, The Healthy Latina, Helen Troncoso, Food 4 Thought, Autism Wonderland, Holding out for a Hero and many others)  that are helping mi gente make healthier choices.

I pray in thanksgiving for this new hope.  I pray for the strength to keep la lucha.  I pray that we all keep using Tech Innovation and social media to bring awareness and solutions to all the issues affecting our fellow Latinos.  I pray that #LATISM continues to represent the voice of the voiceless.





  1. elianetardio@hotmail.com'
    Eliana Tardio 4 years ago

    Nuestra esperanza está con todos nuestros líderes!

  2. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 4 years ago

    Gracias Eliana. Esa líder eres tu. Sigue inspirándonos a todos que de verdad eres tremenda. Déjeme saber cuando comienza tu candidatura que seré la primera en arrancar para allá a hacerte campaña y a apoyarte en lo que sea.

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