Facebook Takes On Twitter With Video


9092972523_1a1f40a3acShort video services are in demand by internet users and Facebook is now participating in this.  On Thursday, Facebook introduced its own short-video service, built into Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app that Facebook bought last year. The new feature allows users to record as much as 15 seconds of video, enhance it with image filters and post it immediately.

The video industry is  lucrative and fast-growing area of online advertising and is expected to top $4 billion this year across the industry, according to the research firm eMarketer.  Vina has quickly gained popularity on the internet as people are fascinated by their quick video uploads.  Video holds a promise that goes beyond what static images and nuggets of text can offer. It tends to engage even the most distracted users, particularly when the snippets are easily digestible.

The biggest challenge for both Vine and Facebook’s new service is that video-sharing applications are inherently harder to use than photo-sharing applications.

six seconds of video will allow people to tell their stories better than just an image.

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