Equal Education Opportunities


The Latino population is one of the groups affected by a national education reform.

One of the most discussed programs is that of school choice, which varies from state to state, and offers families the opportunity to choose a school for their children other than the one assigned by geographic default.

Executive Director of Indiana Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs, Daniel Lopez says, “There’s a fairly extensive sort of tiered school choice/voucher program in its second year where based on income, kids could qualify for partial or full dollar amounts of what the state would spend on them in their district.”

The 2010 census for Indiana, shows a population of roughly 390,000 Latinos. The population almost doubled, the census from 2000 showed a population of 214,000.

In 2011,  Latino’s graduation rate was 80.5 percent compared to 87.8 percent for non-Hispanic and 75.15 percent for African-American students.

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