Enough Waiting for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  1. kaycemicke@ymail.com'
    kaycemick 4 years ago

    Finally! It was about time that a real movement get involved. The march is a great idea. I already registered and completed the volunteer form.

  2. bellekayce@gmx.com'
    BellaAdante 4 years ago

    I’m in! How do I start? love every detail of this. You guys rock.

  3. jjeans111@gmx.com'
    JayShawn 4 years ago

    I’m glad this is not just for Latinas because I would love to join this movement! 🙂

  4. magazinewriter.204@gmail.com'
    AlexNmenski 4 years ago

    Yes! this is awesome! I’m ALL FOR making a difference in this country!!! Just signed up!!! See you all at the March!!! :o)

  5. kaycemick@yahoo.com'
    SydneyJames 4 years ago

    I’m totally dedicated to Immigration – 24/7. You guys are so awesome for doing this.

  6. kmickelson@sjsd.net'
    AnnabelleEsmae 4 years ago

    I think it’s so amazing what you guys are doing. Never give up!

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