Special Post: LATISM Celebrates “El Día E”

Guest Post by Juan Alanis (@juanofwords)

Because 500 million of us around the globe speak the language, because not only is it a Romance language, with different variations and intonations, from region to region, person to person… the Spanish language is worthy of a celebration any old day, but especially this Saturday, June 18, 2011: El Día E, la fiesta de todos los que hablamos español.

For one day, Spanish-speaking people all over the world are invited to celebrate this idioma by sharing their favorite word in the Spanish language, on video.  Latinos In Social Media is honored to participate in this festejo of our cultura and heritage by featuring this El Día E video submission by Juan Alanis of www.juanofwords.com, Ana Flores of Spanglish Baby, Carrie Ferguson Weir of Tiki Tiki Blog, Yoli Mason of CuponeandoLive, Tracy López of Latinaish and Sylvia Martinez from Mamá Latina Tips.

Gracias por compartir, chicos! To submit YOUR own video, please add your link to the comment section below.

Spain’s Instituto Cervantes is responsible for this global celebration, and LATISM salutes their efforts by commemorating the occasion.

Juan Alanis: “Luchar”

Ana Flores: “Beso”

Sylvia Martinez “Familia”

Yoli Mason “Apoyo”

Carrie Ferguson Weir: “Abrazo”

Tracy López: “Lagartija”

About The Author:
Juan Alanis (@juanofwords) is a South Texas based writer living in Houston who owns and operates the blog www.JuanofWords.com.  You can read his brand new column at the Houston Chronicle’s La Voz de Houston:  Juan of Words – A blog by a Latino for Latinos…y Más. Also, don’t miss Juan’s hilarious misadventures, personal vlogs and random thoughts on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Juanofwords



  1. leslielimon@hotmail.com'
    Leslie Limon 6 years ago

    Everybody chose such great words!  It’s so nice to be able to celebrate a language that I have spoken since the age of 5. 🙂 

    Mi palabra favorita post can be found at https://www.motherhoodinmexico.com/2011/06/spanish-friday-el-dia-e.html

  2. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 6 years ago

    Fabulosos! You’ve all done a great job.  Loved each of your words and the videos are great! Que orgullo

  3. soylamar@gmail.com'
    Reina Valenzuela 6 years ago

    Fabuloso Juan! estaba pensando y pensando en mi palabra favorita, por que la verdad tengo muchas… pero para este dia escojo “libertad” la libertad de pensar y expresarme, la libertad de actuar, la libertard de ir donde quiera y congregarme con quienes quiera. La libertad es una palabra tan sencilla y con un significado tan profundo. Sin embargo poco uso hacemos de la libertad que tenemos, pero en fin, tambien tenemos la libertad de no hacer nada. 

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