Education crisis


During the campaign, president Obama and Mitt Romney repeated the values of schools and teachers.  Last month,  Mitt Romney said “I’m not going to cut education funding.”

Now, if president Obama can’t come up with a solution for the debt crisis,  the budget cuts and tax increases that will kick in next year would make public school more difficult to have full literacy programs and will have to lay off more teachers. According to the Office of Management and Budget and the Education Department, If the government don’t  solve this,  elementary and high schools would lose a little over $2 billion.

In Boston, programs for English language learners and students at risk of failing a grade would be curtailed. In Cleveland, where the district has already lopped 50 minutes off the school day and limited art and music, officials fear they would have to curtail a literary program for struggling fourth and fifth graders, and lay off more classroom teachers. Miami-Dade, which has so far avoided pink slips for teachers, would probably start issuing them.

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