Deborah Berebichez – Best Latin@ Tech Blogger 2013


Dr. Deborah Berebichez’s incredible wealth of knowledge and passion for science and technology make her our 2013 Best Latin@ Tech Blogger!


Ever wonder how to get an environmentally-friendly wardrobe? Or, aside from the foot pain, just how much pressure each of your stilettos puts on the ground? If you haven’t, you should!

Watch one of her videos and you too will gain an appreciation of the world that only an understanding of science can provide. Debbie’s strength lies in her ability to relate complicated scientific theories into understandable every-day occurrences, igniting curiosity and the desire to learn more.

Through her project, “The Science of Everyday Life,” Debbie, The Science Babe, directed her passion for public outreach towards the underrepresented female population in science and technology fields. Her motto: “every woman can be a ‘science babe.'”

We at LATISM are humbled by Debbie’s accomplishments and are extremely proud to award her the Best Latin@ Tech Blogger of 2013!


Debbie is the first Mexican woman to ever obtain a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. Prior to that, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in both physics and philosophy, and would later become an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Applied Physics and Applied Math department at Columbia University as well as NYU’s Courant Institute of Applied Mathematics. She currently works as the VP of Quantitative Risk Analysis at Morgan Stanley Capital International specializing in mathematical models and optimization software for risk management solutions.

She has hosted two science TV shows with National Geographic and Discovery International and has appeared on numerous programs such as Oprah, Dr Oz, CNN, TED, and WIRED to name only a few. As a physicist, Debbie’s scientific research on waves have helped her invent highly effective techniques in the fields of wireless communications and nanotechnology.

Like a true LATISM role model, Debbie strives to create accessible programs for young students to deliver scientific knowledge in an easy and engaging way, especially through her role as Global Ambassador to Technovation Challenge which teaches high school girls coding for mobile applications based on science.

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