Cyber Attacks Can’t Break The Internet


Cyber attacks can pose threat to websites and the targets are usually on banks, government websites and financial exchanges.

How can cyber criminals take down a website?

An attack method called “distributed denial of service” allows cybercriminals to send high amounts traffic to a website, overwhelming its servers and making the site unavailable.  

There was reported cyber attack in Europe and it was targeted at Spamhaus, a spam prevention service and this was recorded as the biggest cyber attack in history.

Dr. Phyllis Schneck perceives that it can be quite a challenge to sustain a Spamhaus-level attack for a long time.  The internet is a very  distributed system.  “The Internet is what the attackers need to deliver the denial of service attack,” said Gavin Reid, director of engineering and products for Cisco (CSCOFortune 500). “I suppose it’s possible a DDoS attack could be large enough to take down large parts of the Internet, but we haven’t seen that happen.”

Could internet users be at rest with cyber attacks?

Only the government has the ability to stop the entire Internet to a halt for a long stretch of time.

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