CPR Saves Lives


Approximately 88 percent of cardiac arrests or when the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops beating, happens at home. Cardiac arrests also happen to those who appear healthy and with no previous signs of heart disease. It differs from a heart attack, which is when the blood supply to a part of the heart muscle is blocked. A heart attack may cause a cardiac arrest. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) done immediately doubles the chances of survival, which statistically speaking will be someone you love, like your partner, or even your child.

Within our communities we are dangerously lagging behind, with Latinos and other minorities 30 percent less likely to receive CPR from a bystander. You might be afraid to do CPR because you think it may be too difficult, afraid you will do it improperly, or feel uncomfortable doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (ventilation) on a stranger, but that’s not the case anymore! Hands-only CPR is just two easy steps; call 9-1-1 and push hard and fast on the center of their chest until help arrives.

Should you find someone having a cardiac arrest, pushing hard and fast in the center of their chest at state of at least 100 times a minute ensure that the heart is getting oxygen-rich blood to important organs.

Bystanders who find a person in cardiac arrest should place the heel of one hand on the center of the chest, place the other hand on top, and push hard and fast at a rate of at least 100 times a minute to ensure the heart continues to pump oxygenated blood to vital organs. An easy way to remember the pace of 100 times a minute is to follow the tempo of the song made famous by John Travolta, “Staying Alive.” Hands-only CPR has been found to be as effective as traditional CPR making it even more critical that we learn a basic life-saving technique.

Here is a short video (only 60 seconds) to watch, learn, and then SHARE with everyone you know, tell them that #CPRSavesLives.


By: Dr. Helen Troncoso, PT, DPT ()
Ms. New York America 2012
CEO & Founder, Reinventing You, LLC

Dr. Troncoso has been featured as a health expert in CNN, NY Times and Latina Magazine. She also serves as a health expert for MamayFamilia.comCasaLatina.com and VidaVibrante.com.



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