Call for nominations -The best of the best in tech Innovation and Social Media

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Trophy Image 3This is a very exciting time of the year and we are asking you to nominate – The best of the best in tech Innovation and Social Media.  It is a long LATISM tradition to pay tribute to the most talented Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media and to celebrate their achievements at our national conference.  We have numerous categories where we ask for your nominations, so please don’t forget to nominate all the Latino(a)s that are rocking the cybercasita!   We will announce the winners during the LATISM’14 Awards Dinner Gala in Anaheim, California.  Toyota has been a long-term partner in the #LATISM Awards and they continue to help us celebrate our Digital Leaders and Influencers.  The dinner will be included for all LATISM’14 Conference attendees and a limited number of seats will be available on a first come first serve basis for just the Awards Dinner Gala.  Click HERE to cast your nominations.

To register, please visit our registration page at

Below are the following categories:

Best Latin@ Parenting Blogger

Best Latin@ Lifestyle Blogger

Best Latin@ Tech Blogger

Best Latin@ Business Blogger

Best Latin@ Bilingual Blogger

Best Latin@ Health Blogger

Best Latin@ Education Blogger

Best Latin@ Political Blogger

Best Latin@ Sports Blogger

Best Latin@ Activist Blogger 

Best Latin@ Religion Blogger

Best Latin@ Food Blogger

Best Latin@ Micro-Blogger

Best Latin@ Vlogger 

Top Latin@ Blogger (1 blogger selected among the above categories)

Best Latino(a) Social Network Leader

Best Marketing/PR Firm using Social Media to reach Latino(a)s

Best Company using Social Media to target Latino(a)s

Best Non-For-Profit Organization using Social Media to reach Latino(a)s

Best Educator helping Latino(a)s through Social Media 

Best Health Advocate reaching Latino(a)s through Social Media

Best Artist using Social Media to reach Latino(a)s

Best Politician using Social Media to reach Latino(a)s

Best Multicultural Social Media Campaign 

Best Multicultural Mobile Campaign 

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