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For many of us, BlogHer was almost like our initiation ritual in the bloggersphere.  I was shy and innocent during my first BlogHer conference back in 2007 and remember that I felt pretty intimidated.  To the point that I stayed in my hotel room working 80% of the times.  My friend had given me her ticket because she couldn’t attend and I almost felt that I was there illegally! The number of Latinas? Quasi non-existent.

Our Latino blogging community exploded in the last years and way before it was cool to bring us to the picture BlogHer made a conscious effort to give us a platform and put us on the spot light.  The Social Fiesta is one of those Latina stamps that make us feel en casa.  It’s a great opportunity for all the Latina bloggers to get together and simply have a blast.  What I love the most is that we get to meet a bunch of new blogueras from every possible stage of their blogging career.  I also love the many honorary Latinas who have become regulars of the Social Fiesta.  They love the food (hailed to be the best of all BlogHer parties!), the music, the dancing, the laughter and the calorcito that only a real Fiesta can give you.  This year there will be hundreds of Latina bloggers attending.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t happen by chance.  Still today there are many conferences where Latinas can be counted with one hand.  This significant increase is the result of hard work from the BlogHer community.  They have spent years cultivating relationships and fostering leaders among our blogueras.

The Social Fiesta always highlights our Cyber Sustainable Development Project.  This year we will have a special surprise for all attendees.  Souvenirs made by our hermanas from the border of Haiti.  You will totally love it!  We will also be collecting used laptops, school supplies and donations for the Cyber Sustainable Development Project in Patacancha, Peru.  So come and join us with open souls to embrace our music, our culture, our empanadas and our mucho love! Te esperamos..



    Jessica 5 years ago

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you all have a great time at the social fiesta. Always love hearing from you. Much love.

    Marcus 5 years ago

    That sounds like a lot of fun! It’s always good to mix with people you feel more confident around, not only are you more open but you share ideas together you might not have ever thought about!

    You should try to be confident rather than be shy, because after all, being shy at a networking event isn’t going to get you anywhere! People listen to people that seem to ooze confidence so work on it and even practice speeches and anything your presenting to your family or friends first to gain a confidence boost!

    Erica Mueller 5 years ago

    Your party was great fun, and this Texas gal so appreciated the spicy Latino foods. 🙂 

    Do you have a link where we can purchase more of the bracelets to help support your project?

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