Ana’s Sunday Message is Back

First I would like to thank each one of you for your kind words during my father’s death. It was’t easy to see the man who earned my love and admiration go. The only father I can remember since I was 6 when the first one died. And the loving abuelo (grandfather) my kids adored. Thank you for all the flowers, the messages of aliento (relief) and for respecting my silence during these weeks. I know it’s not easy but it was my personal way of keeping my luto (mourn).  Not sure why but I didn’t feel like joining the cyber conversations with a heavy heart.

Now I’m back! And I’m floored by the shape LAtism’11 is taking. Speakers are being contacted and confirmed this week. We had to add 200 additional tickets to keep up with the registration demands. I’m just falling in love with the conference content.  It will make you laugh, cry, learn, grow, connect and also take the mike to share your 2 cents. We have exceeded our goal of sponsorships and many brands are still knocking our doors.  The only feeling I have when I see all this progress is that of gratitude.  What an amazing familia LATISM has become!  In case you haven’t realized it, all this is happening thanks to our volunteers, our Board of Directors and each one of YOU.  So Thank YOU!

Another news that’s filling my sad heart with pure joy is the final onboarding of our 20 LATISM chapters.  Que familia! Within the next couple of weeks, all 20 will be on board ready to make the LATISM mission (of empowering Latinos through the use of social media) a concrete and tangible reality in their local cities.  It is this grassroots movement that will turn LATISM into a true agent of change and progress.  Not only for each member of our famila, but we hope to empower our broader Latino community to amplify their voices through the use of transmedia. Stay tuned next week to meet the champions who are taking a leadership role in this movement.  All LATISM Directors will be part of a leadership workshop during LATISM’11 so you’ll also get to meet them during the conference.

The remaining 43 chapter applications will be considered for the 2012 onboarding.  Please be patient and do know that we cannot wait to bring you to the LATISM familia (this includes the Latin America chapters).  Similar to the image above, we must make sure that the LATISM foundations remain solid and strong.  This will guarantee robust branches that will bear visible fruits.  In the meantime I encourage you to support your closest chapter as much as you can.  Also to join the LATISM’11 volunteers so we get to meet/hug in person.

Finally I would like to thank the Obama administration for the decision to exercise prosecutorial discretion in deportation cases.  Thank you for reviewing over 300,000 cases currently in deportation status in a case-by-case basis.  After all the Latino support during the elections, I’ve been feeling pretty traicionada (“betrayed” – sorry, it doesn’t feel the same when I write it in English) by the massive number of deportations – the highest number in the history of this country.  Thank you for not longer treating us like perros (dogs).  I hope this is a new beginning of a relationship that was starting to deteriorate.  The Jobs situation is next.  Latinos have the highest rate of unemployment today. I’m looking forward to a concrete plan to fix this huge problem.

Have a blessed week my dear Latin@s in social media.  May your voice be heard in every corner of your niche.  Keep up the great work you are doing and make a commitment to discover a new Latin@ voice this week.  After your discovery, please share their link in the comments here (also on Twitter and Facebook for extra love).




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