An education statistic that should really worry us


The cost of higher education is a huge stress factor to many students who enroll in community colleges around the country.  Recent research done by the Minnesota compass group explored the delayed graduation rate of college students in community colleges.  Our economy is a prime reason why students were driven to community colleges and the number went up from 300,000 in fiscal 2007 to nearly 320,000 in 2011.

One may ask why are students not graduating community colleges within the two year mark?

Many students were dislocated by the recession and went back to school to retrain for new careers and vocations to help them deal with the new economy.  Graduating from college later than expected is a huge concern because thousands of dollars are committed in cash and debt but no degree.  Some students must work full time and attend class part time because a college education is extremely expensive and the cost of living may be high.

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