A Special #LATISM “Movie night” – Watching “Infiltrados” on Univision!


UPDATE: Las FARC and the fascinating history behind the “Infiltrados”  – the special agents who infiltrated the much-feared Colombian guerrilla – turned out to be a beautiful, heartbreaking, passionately-told tale of heroism and triumph… proof that reality can sometimes be more gripping than fiction!

LATISM sends big KUDOS to the Univision Documentales crew and Director Juan Rendón for handling this complex tale of corruption, drugs and violence that has plagued the South American country for over 4 decades in an elegant manner, as to give much-deserved honor to the beautiful land of Colombia and its brave people!

Our tweeps loved it… so much that the party broke all previous LATISM  records: a whooping 14,643,754 impressions!! THANK YOU, LATISM!!

Enjoy the INFILTRADOS – LATISM Movie Night with Univision… and to view clips and more info about “Infiltrados”, visit Univision Noticias.

If you, like us, are glued to news about Latin America every night, then you have heard about them: “Las FARC” – The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or the People’s Army (In Spanish: Las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – commonly known as El Ejército del Pueblo; FARC-EP, or simply FARC). Las FARC – a Marxist–Leninist revolutionary guerrilla organization based in Colombia, which is involved in the ongoing Colombian armed conflict – is one of the oldest and still functioning terrorist organization in the world, accountable for the cultivation and production of 60 percent of the cocaine that comes into the United States..

Tonight at 9:57 pm ET/8:57 CT, Univision presents the U.S. premiere of “Infiltrados” (Infiltrated)… And you better believe we’ll be watching!!

A production of Documentales Univision, “Infiltrados” (Infiltrated) goes undercover to provide an in-depth look at the Colombian national police and the involvement of its intelligence division DIPOL (Dirección de Inteligencia de la Policía Nacional) in the recent lethal strikes against the FARC. “Infiltrados” features exclusive, real life footage captured under dangerous circumstances.

As the world struggles to battle both drugs and terrorism, “Infiltrados” showcases the successes of Colombia’s police and the brave men and women who went undercover, joined the ranks of the FARC, and put their lives on the line for the sake of their nation –as recounted in a worldwide exclusive interview with the two spy agents who lived the experience. The film is narrated by award-winning Univision News co-anchors Maria Elena Salinas (@MariaESalinas) in English and Jorge Ramos (@jorgeramosnews) in Spanish.

Our guest: @UniDocumentales and Juan Rendón @JuReVe, who is the writer and Director of Infiltrados, will be watching together with us in this special LATISM movie night.

For the latest news about Latin America, interviews regarding the FARC as well as upcoming photos about “Infiltrados,” please visit https://noticias.univision.com/Infiltrados online or on your mobile phone. The online site will also feature video clips of the documentary after the premiere.

So join us, bring your popcorn and your questions… let’s all watch and learn about this topic together!




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