A Fast-Growing But Diverse Hispanic Market


The Hispanic demographic is growing day by day and Hispanic marketers are on a mission to succeed.  Through a series of research studies, webinars and strategic partnerships with the best market research companies, AHAA is leading the charge to help educate marketers on the increased need to segment properly for higher ROI and not treat the vast Hispanic market as a “one size fits all.”

Sixty percent of all Hispanics are U.S. born. The AHAA Generational Study focused on several aspects of Latino and Anglo cultures, such as food, music, language, media usage, and celebrations among others, and how the variations play a role in different category buyers when contrasted by generational segment.

The findings of these studies indicate:

The AHAA Generational Study indicateed that Hispanic cultural duality across all Hispanic generations appears well balanced, but younger Millennials have a higher Anglo cultural orientation than the other Hispanic generations. Marketers must acknowledge not only the changing demographic landscape, but the “cultural duality” — the affinity toward two cultures — among Hispanics.  Twenty percent of 51.7 million Millennials of all Latinos revolve their lives around wireless technology.  At 19 million Latinos are more likely to use credit cards, but are not yet financially invested besides owning their own home.

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