9/30 #LATISM PARTY: Social Media & Tech Trends

Until very recently, there seemed to be a misperception that Latinos were not in involved in technology or social media. However, recent studies have proven the opposite:

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 85% of native-born and 51% of foreign-born Latinos are now online. Numerous other studies show that Latinos are early-adopters to new technology and are actively using mobile applications and online social media to communicate with friends and family.

To those of us who live online, these are definitely not shocking facts: In many ways for us Latinos, social media, blogs and other online communications are a natural extension of our culturally-imbedded networking abilities, and technology simply becomes another venue to interaction.

So tonight, we’ll talk about use of technology and the trends that are shaping our world.

–       How are technology and new media impacting the way we communicate and share information?

–       Do we use technology in a different way or are we following the general trends?

–       Are we coming into own own in terms of using available technologies effectively?

–       What are the upcoming technology/mobile/social media trends more likely to make an impact with Latinos?

In addition, one LUCKY winner will get one SAMSUNG EPIC handset, courtesy of Sprint!



  • You’ll need a Twitter account (free) to join the party. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here.
  • Be sure to follow Elianne Ramos [@ergeekgoddess] before the party so you can follow the flow = When you get this many Latinos under one “cyber-roof”, it can get very crazy!
  • Also follow @ergeekgoddess1 [I tend to get into “tweetjail” for reaching my API limit].
  • When you get to the party, introduce yourself and jump right into the conversation!
  • Use the tag #latism in all of your party tweets.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!




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