8/2 #LATISM Twitter Party: Latino Leadership: Building The Pipeline



Without a doubt, these are exciting times to be a Latino in the USA. Our population is expected to double in size over the next 40 years and will comprise more than 30% of the United States population by 2050, we have the lowest median age of all groups [26.7], and we are starting to see how our talents and abilities are being recognized beyond the confines of our immediate community.

Yet, when it comes to leadership, we still have much to be desired. While the number of Latinos in high-powered positions is growing fast, many of us find ourselves struggling to reach the leadership positions from which we can transform our community and exert true, lasting impact in the political, the civil rights, and business sectors.

This evergreen topic will be the focus of many a session in our upcoming LATISM ’12 conference, as well as in the LATISM-organized “Ella Gobierna” panel at this weekend’s Blogher Conference. [BTW, if you’re attending, don’t miss our 3rd Annual Social Fiesta this Saturday!]

So, tonight on LATISM, we want to talk about solutions. We’ll talk about the many different areas in which our community is already leading, what elements are missing that prevent us from achieving true leadership and brainstorm ideas on how together we can develop the pipeline for future Latino leaders.

  • How are Latinos shaping leadership in this country?
  • What unique elements do Latinos bring to leadership positions?
  • What kind of programs should be implemented in order to empower the current generation of leaders and develop the next?


DATE:  Thursday – August 2, 2012

TIME: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST

TOPIC:  Latino Leadership: Building The Pipeline





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