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Our LATISM parties keep getting better and better: Last night, hundreds of Latinos answered our call to Tweet Their Mind in regards to Freedom of Speech [or lack therof]. And tweet it they did!!

Our chat, or what  I like to call our “TweetForum”, not only reached over 6.6 million impressions [!!] but trended along the lines of a certain adolescent Wizard from HogWarts! How do you spell LATISM, Mr. Potter?

Of course, I can bore you with the nitty-gritty details and even quote some of the night’s best tweets… but I’d rather let you read them straight from the tweet’s mouths. After all, who better than themselves to say what’s on their mind? Isn’t that what Freedom of Speech is all about? Enjoy the transcript!

Freedom of Speech LATISM Party Transcript



© Philip Dickson | Dreamstime.com

In today’s world, especially in the United States, it is almost unimaginable to think someone would be restricted from expressing their thoughts freely. Freedom of speech – most would agree – is a basic human yearning, an inherent right: people want to be able to say what they wish, to express their ideas, desires, and feelings.

However, there are many questions about what constitutes “speech,” what types of speech, if any, are entitled or not to protection, and how other interests should be weighed when judging speech. For example, while most would agree that free speech does not include the right to talk about killing someone, where does an ad like the infamous “Worst place for a Latino baby…” fall? Where do things like Arizona’s House Bill 2281 or the groups lobbying for banning Spanish and instituting ‘official English’ laws across the country fall?

And while new media and technologies have opened the door for anyone to write and post any and all kind of details about their lives, thoughts and everyday goings-ons with relative ease, does that mean we should remain silent about those who, like Yoani Sanchez, don’t have the luxury of that freedom?

Tonight on LATISM, we’ll discuss Freedom of Speech!

  • Should freedom of speech have limits?
  • How do we balance free speech against racism, sexism, or hate speech?
  • Does free speech only include the freedom to agree with the current majority?
  • What restrictions should be made that will still permit real freedom of speech rather than a phony freedom?



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