7/28 LATISM Party: Creating Sustainable Change for Our Community

© Revensis | Dreamstime.com

© Revensis | Dreamstime.com

America is certainly living in an extraordinary time of diversity. While this diversity has helped make the United States one of the most successful and diverse countries in the world, truth is, minorities are not necessarily doing well [as evident in this just-released Pew Hispanic Study].  While we are all living the same reality and facing the same kind of problems as a nation, however, there are a host of complex issues that are unique to each segment of the population.

For Latinos to move towards finding solutions to the specific issues affecting the community, there’s a learning curve ahead.  While celebrating and honoring the diversity within our own community, we must also learn to take part in collective learning, solidarity and mutual exchange with other cultures.

At the same time, rather than viewing things like poverty, immigration, the health and education crises – to name a few – as a string of unrelated problems, our community must realize that these issues are all interconnected. We must learn to capitalize on each individual’s strengths and work towards solutions that pull all of these strengths and resources together. We must co-create a reality where all systems, families and segments can act in partnership to solve said problems.

Tonight on our LATISM Twitter party, we’ll discuss how to build sustainable change for solving current issues in our Latino community.

–       Is it possible for Latinos to unite behind single issues affecting our community? Is it even necessary?

– How do we ensure we connect and partner with other communities in looking for solutions to the country’s problems?

–       How can individuals and organizations join forces to create a space built on distributed power in order to help our community – and the country at large – thrive?

–       How can we mobilize, equip, and support Latinos to participate in the country’s decision-making, programs and systems?

–       How do we engage families, officials and other stakeholders with a vested interest in the success of Latinos in helping us find these solutions?

–       How can we use social media as a tool for sustainable development in our community?

We’ll also introduce you to our very own LATISM sustainable project – a pilot project that is using “crowd-sourcing” for the betterment of a small community in the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.






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