7/08 #Latism party: Latinos, Entertainment and Diversity

There’s no doubt that Latinos are a driving force in America. Our culture and customs have left a major impression in every aspect of American culture… but you wouldn’t be able to tell by turning on mainstream American TV or watching a Hollywood flick.


According to recent studies, Latinos are grossly underrepresented on both mainstream TV and Hollywood: At 2.5%, Latino depictions are well below that of their real-world proportion of the U.S. population. And the few instances in which we ARE depicted, Latino characters tend to be based on stereotype.

  • Are images of Latinos distorted or do they reflect our reality?
  • What are the repercussions of Latino stereotyping in the Media?
  • Will this trend change anytime soon?
  • Should we simply give up on mainstream entertainment… or perhaps start creating our own?

Join us tonight for a fiery discussion about Latinos in Entertainment. We’ll talk about the need for a greater diversity in all aspects of TV, Hollywood and music – your favorites and least favorites, who’s doing it right and who totally deserves a chancletazo!

Join in the fun!


We’ll also have prizes:

– 5 iTunes giftcards good for 20 songs by Nacional Records artists, courtesy of Café Magazine

– A stylish pouch with an exclusive design from MyBat, courtesy of GeeksRoom.com

– A sleek protector SeeThru protector from Speck, courtesy of GeeksRoom.com


You’ll need a Twitter account (free) to join the party. If you don’t have one, you can sign up now.

Be sure to follow Elianne Ramos @ergeekgoddess before the party so you can follow the flow = When you get this many Latinos under one “cyber-roof”, it can get very crazy!

When you get to the party, say hi, introduce yourself, ask a question or jump right in on the conversation! Just use the tag #latism in all of your party tweets. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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