6/28 #LATISM Twitter Party: Healthcare Reform – What Does It Mean For Latinos?

NCLR Healthcare infographic

As we post this, the Supreme Court has just voted to uphold Obamacare individual mandate as a tax.  And while responses on Twitter have been mixed, the truth is this law has deep repercussions for Latinos. To wit, here’s an infographic from our friends from NCLR:

As it stands, the ruling will have critical consequences for millions of people in the U.S, and Latinos are one of the demographics to benefit the most from the ruling: With figures pointing to 41.7 percent of Hispanics in the country, aged 18 and over, lacked health insurance – this law has been decried as a victory for families to access affordable healthcare.

Tonight, we’ll be analyzing the healthcare situation for Latinos, what today’s SCOTUS decision means for Latino families, your thoughts as to how this will affect the outcome at November’s elections and, of course, your reactions to the news.  Join us!





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