5 Reasons To Make Education Apps Free

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Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming application used by business teams and individuals to create compelling and attractive visual communications.

As Lucidchart becomes well-known, there have been a dramatic increase in the number of inquiries from educational institutions.

What people usually want, is a way to create diagrams for projects and assignments, a collaboration between students and teachers. It’s a way to replace common desktops software like Microsoft Visio or Inspiration in schools.

In 2010, Lucidchart became free of charge to students and educators. These educational upgrades include the same premium as other valued customers.

Reasons why education apps should be free:

  1. Educational users provide valuable feedback.
  2. It’s unlikely that free educational accounts will drop current sales.
  3. Introducing the product to students today created the potential for corporate sales tomorrow.
  4. Educational users can be great brand ambassadors.
  5. Supporting and improving education is the right thing to do.

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