3/22 LATISM Twitter Party: The Latino Workforce


Ah, the difference a couple of months make! Last August, we discussed the dismal employment rates for our community [at the time] and basically agreed there was not much that could be done to mend the situation. Cut to this week, and new winds of hope seem to be bringing much-needed balm to our battered workforce.

A new report released by the Pew Hispanic Center yesterday, The Demographics of the Jobs Recovery, hints at a slow but steady economic recovery, with gains [albeit modest] for all groups of workers, and particularly faster rates of growth for Hispanics and Asians. According to the study, Hispanics are leading in the hospitality and construction sectors.

That’s not to say, however, all woes are over: as the report also points out, the employment gap is alive and well across all groups in the labor market. Tonight, we will explore the current situation and talk about the way our community can better the odds for continued workforce growth:

  • Is it getting better, or do you feel the economic/employment situation is stagnant?
  • Do immigrants have an advantage when it comes to job searching? What is it?
  • How does this report highlight the many ways in which Latinos – minorities in general – are driving both the nation’s economic engine?
  • How does having a diverse cultural population benefit the United States globally in terms of trade, job creation, and talent attraction?





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