3/15 #LATISM Twitter Party: Embracing Our Present, Building Our Future

© Spectral-design | Dreamstime.com

© Spectral-design | Dreamstime.com

In recent years, our community has had to contend with numerous obstacles, growing pains if you must. Recent revelations about our own impact and how issues that affect us are inextricably connected to national interests have become more deeply etched into our consciousness, or so we hope.

However, in order for us to find solutions, we all know that our community needs more than the facts. We need a basic understanding of our history—where we came from, how our community has evolved and interacted. But we also need to understand why this knowledge is important and how it relates to our present. We need to appreciate how this knowledge is useful as we create the next stage: OUR future.

As we recently announced on LATISM, our upcoming events this year are all focused on us as catalysts for the next stage in our community’s history. Come join us tonight as we discuss how to Embrace Our Present To Build A Better Future.

  • What issues are of most concern to us this year and beyond?
  • What place do we want to have in American society… and in the world?
  • What is our responsibility as socially-aware, socially-connected Latinos in making this better future happen?

We’ll also be sharing some more details about how to get involved in EVERYTHING that LATISM has in store for YOU for the remainder of 2012 and beyond. These are the MUST-GO events of the year…. You don’t want to miss them!





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