2016: The fight continues for equality in America

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It’s 2016 and guess what…we’re still not all equal.  Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) is proud to host this week’s Twitter Party Thursday in one of my favorite tracks: Education.  This week we are educating our community on the three-year education campaign called MAKE IT WORK.  Make it Work focuses on three initiatives: promoting and advocating for equal pay for women and minorities, supporting and expanding caregiving rights and fighting for a more comprehensive work and family life in America for men and women alike.

Right on time for Father’s Day weekend, June 19th, it is important to understand how much the men in our communities work to keep a balanced home and work life regardless of their gender stereotype:

Talk about stereotyping and being unequal, huh? This month is Father’s month, and LATISM and Make It Work are calling out every person that has ever stereotyped a man for being a stay at home dad, a nanny, a nurse or questioning their commitment and passion to their families as well as their profession — aqui en LATISM no nos quedamos callado cuando decimos que TODOS tenemos derecho de ser lo que nos de la gana! Wepa! 

But the MakeItWork campaign doesn’t just focus on the men. It focuses on ALL OF US.

It’s mission is to unite a community of people who believe that hardworking Americans shouldn’t have to choose between being there for family and earning a living: men, women, minority communities like ours, especially!  LATISM and MakeItWork are both committed to closing the gap faced by working families, and especially women and families of color, so time to join the conversation, mi gente!  

Did you know?

Equal Pay

  • A woman working full-time is paid 79 cents for every dollar a man is paid. And it’s even less for women of color (60 and 55 cents for African American and Latina women, respectively. Eso es una locura!)


  • Two-thirds of women struggle to juggle work and family demands, and 58% say it’s partially due to the lack of affordable child care and more than 60% of Americans who need long-term care rely on family and friends, mostly women, to act as hands-on care givers – without pay or time!

Work and Family

Barely more than 10% of Americans have any paid family leave and 40% of the workforce isn’t covered by the current Family and Medical Leave Act, forcing most workers to only get unpaid leave when needing to leave work to take care of their newborns, elderly or their own health!

Join us this Thursday at 9PM EST as we heat up the conversation about what we can do as a community and as leaders to bring about change. Learn also how MakeItWork can help you and your network to push forward on issues like: saving up for your child’s education, fighting for equal pay, etc —  No te lo pierdas!


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