1/13 #LATISM party: Latinos and Success

Ah, Success! A term used so frequently, it is now borderline cliché…

There are so many definitions of the word, it’s almost mind-boggling: Is it wealth, amassing money or assets? Is it position and recognition? Is it relationship-based? Is it a high Social Media score… or is it something more?

While the most widely accepted description of it, at least in America, usually implies position and wealth, it is not uncommon for people to forget what their real goals are in their pursuit for money. Others, while insisting that they don’t care about the standard definition, often find themselves caught up in the trap too.

When it comes to Latinos living in this country, getting to the top is not always easy: we’re expected to juggle the values and expectations of our two cultures as we navigate our own pathways. And that’s just as individuals. As a culture, at least from an statistical point of view, we seem to be constantly on the verge of “making it”.  Yet somehow…

Tonight, we’ll talk about factors that prevent us from/push us towards achievement, and the different ways we are defining –or redefining- success as individuals, as a culture, as Latinos in Social Media.

– What does it really mean to be a “successful Latino”?
– Does our future success depends on letting go of “Latino/a” culture or on embracing it?
– Are we, as a culture, doing a good job at achievement?
– How do we translate our Cultural Wealth into Social Capital?

Come and tell us how YOU are defining SUCCESS & making it happen!






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