11/17 #LATISM Twitter Party: A Look At Corporate Diversity


With all the talk about Latinos’ purchasing power and high-speed growth, the switch from a homogenous workplace to one much more diverse or multicultural still has a long way to go. According to the 2010 Corporate Diversity report, published last year by the office of Senator Robert Menendez, “when you combine all minorities, the percentage of [corporate] representation has actually dropped to only 14.45%, less than half of the 35% of the population they comprise overall in this country.”

According to the survey, when compared to population statistics, Blacks/African Americans on executive boards represented only about 1/3 of their US population. Hispanics/Latinos fare worse on executive teams versus corporate Boards at 2.90%. Asians and Native Americans do slightly better at 2.55% and .25% respectively.

If it is true that diversity is strength, these numbers are very alarming. For Latinos in particular, whose population is projected to account for 57.7 million in the United States with a purchasing power of 50 percent of U.S. consumption by the year 2015, finding a way to increase representation in the workplace is not just a need, it’s an imperative.

Tonight on LATISM, we’ll take a straightforward look at Corporate Diversity to gain a better understanding of what minority and female representation looks like on corporate boards, and what steps can be taken to ensure America can maximize the richness of its increasingly multi-ethnic, multitalented labor force.

Joining us, our friends from @JNJStories, who participated in the Corporate Diversity panel at last week’s LATISM 11 conference. They will be sharing their views on the issue as well as their vision for a more diverse corporate America. Let’s discuss!

  • What are some of the factors that contribute to low Latino representation in Corporate settings?
  • Do you feel organizations are making the appropriate investments in retaining a diverse workforce?
  • What types of programs would contribute to a diverse workforce?
  • Is having one or two ethnic faces enough – how should corporate diversity be measured?





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