11/03 #LATISM Twitter Party: Hybrid Latinos


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Just as plants and fruits can be combined in a way that captures both their strengths, two cultures, perspectives and or technologies can be combined in a hybrid that leverages the most effective aspects of both ways of doing things.

To give a classic example: Our Latino ethnicity – a mix of Spanish, African and indigenous cultures that gets richer and stronger as all these different elements collide and merge in and out of each other’s essences, creating the perfect mix of sabor… WEPA!

Tonight on #LATISM, we’ll explore and celebrate the many facets of hybridity: as it relates to our Latino identities, to the beautiful planet that surrounds us and to the technologies that are being developed in hopes of leaving a better legacy for our future generations.

–  What does being part of a hybrid culture mean to you?

–  What needs to happen for Latinos to fully embrace American culture and viceversa?

– Is the concept of caring for the earth imbedded in our culture or is that a more American concept?

– What are some of the technologies being developed now that can make the world a better place?

–  What kind of questions do you have about hybrid technology?

– What can organizations do to expand environmental education in our community?

With us, the team from @GolinHarris and @Toyota, who will be sharing important knowledge about hybrid technology and the ways that companies like Toyota are working to develop clean, high efficiency technology.

Don’t miss this chance to voice your thoughts about living green and Latino! Then join us at 11 pm for a VERY SPECIAL after party!


Toyota is a Sponsor for the LATISM Conference. LATISM is a non-profit organization. The generous support of our sponsors and partners helps LATISM organize and fund our scholarships, educational events, conferences and other programs throughout the year.



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