10/27 #LATISM Twitter Party: Social Good, Latino Style!


With 18 percent of Latinos online using Twitter and 54.2 percent of Latinos online using Facebook, we can pretty much say it’s a fact: Latinos are definitely hooked on social media!

Having a strong sense of our place in this country and within our own culture, we – particularly those of us who are online –have found the inner strength to own our voices: we have no qualms about speaking our mind and are VERY progressive in terms of social issues [if you’ve ever attended one of our Twitter parties, you know what I mean].

As a matter of fact, our LATISM 2011 Blogosphere Survey showed that we’re not only actively blogging about social good, we’re actively engaging in social good campaigns both online and off.

As we look to the demographic changes underway in this country, it becomes more and more imperative that for us to move from a deficit model to a model of strength and power, and social media provides us with a perfect platform to do just that.

Tonight, we’ll talk about the different ways we use social media to bring about positive change in our society. Our guest will be @JNJStories, from Johnson & Johnson, who will be talking about this very topic in the Social Good Goes Mobile panel at our upcoming LATISM ’11 Conference in two weeks!!


  • What do you think has prompted this ‘awakening’ to social good in our community?
  • What is the #1 cause where we Latinos can make a difference right now?
  • Can digital media and mobile effectively be used to bring about positive social change?
  • What are some of the best examples of social media being used to raise awareness and even change behaviors around social causes?
  • How can those active in social media help further its reach and impact?

We’ll be sharing strategies, tips as well as blog posts from and to those who know social good best because they put it in practice everyday: Our LATISM tweeps!



Johnson & Johnson is the Title Sponsor for the LATISM Conference. LATISM is a non-profit organization. The generous support of our sponsors and partners helps LATISM organize and fund our scholarships, educational events, conferences and other programs throughout the year. 





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