Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech

LATISM salutes the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) and its 39 advocacy organizations for making it “unequivocally clear” to Donald Trump that hate speech will not be tolerated.

Trump characterized Mexican immigrants as rapist and accused them of bringing drugs into the country.

LATISM commends former New York Governor George Pataki for publicly denouncing Trump’s disparaging comments toward Mexican immigrants and by extension, the Latino community. “[Y]ou don’t, don’t, don’t attack the character of those who are trying to build a better future.

Other companies like Farouk Systems Inc., were also vocal about withdrawing its sponsorship of the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants.

Similar moves from other companies like retail giant Macy’s and media companies such as Univision and NBCUniversal.

Univision, the largest Spanish-language TV network in the nation, severed all ties with Trump including the airing of Miss USA pageant.

“Univision has demonstrated civil rights leadership in the digital age.” Said Felix Sanchez, Chairman and Co-Founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts. We agree.

We applaud the courage and leadership to stand against hate speech and the derogatory characterization of the Latino community.




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