Your Xerox Copier Might be Making Mistakes


If you routinely scan documents and then print or e-mail them to people, you may have a problem if you use certain Xerox WorkCentre copiers. A recently discovered software glitch has been found that literally changes numbers. One person found that the plans he copied had room dimensions that were different in the scans than in the originals. What if your invoices changed? How about bank statements? So just issue a patch, you suggest. Not so simple, says Xerox.

The problem with the number changes is that they vary from model to model. The issue seems to be caused by compression software that is swapping numbers in an attempt to makes files smaller. The problem will ultimately get fixed as it means that people can no longer trust that a document they scan will be identical to the original. In business that could result in any number of issues that might end up in court and once the lawyers get involved, well, it just gets ugly.

But this issue, which might have been going on for several years, points out that total reliance on technology is never a good idea. No matter how fast computers get and how smart software seems to be, it was all still created by people and people are, as we all know, quite imperfect. No matter what the salesman might tell you, no piece of technology can fully replace a person when it comes to making sure things are as they should be.

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Image courtesy of  David Kriesel and ABC News.




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