Why Your Network Is Your Net Worth

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“Your Network is your Net Worth” is the title of the book written by Porter Gale.  This interesting title can be more helpful than you think.  Building up a strong social network could determine your success in life. Gale says “I believe that seeking out and working in collaboration with others who share your interests and values will provide a stronger foundation, enabling you to reach a higher level of success than you would on your own.”  Recognizing your best path  job security is an important element in being financially stable.

Lets take a look at why it is so important to have good relationships in the workplace, referrals from another co-worker can land you a job.  More and more companies are using this method of hiring which ultimately saves more money and time in hiring.  Allison Belger states the importance of human connection by saying “There is even research demonstrating that people who are isolated fare more poorly with regard to disease, poverty, and illness than people who are socially integrated.”

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