Why you think your phone is vibrating when it is not


1342023877005.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largePhantom vibrations is what happens when we think our phones are vibrating and in reality they are not.  According, to Tom Stafford   Around 80% of us have imagined a phone vibrating in our pockets when it’s actually completely still. Almost 30% of us have also heard non-existent ringing.  When your phone is in your pocket, the world is in one of two possible states: the phone is either ringing or not. You also have two possible states of mind: the judgment that the phone is ringing, or the judgment that it isn’t.

People want to notice when their phone is ringing and they do not want to miss a call.  Our perception symptoms are completely responsible to the stimuli that we detect in the environment.  Do people always keep their phones close to them because they fear they will miss out on something important?

Phantom phone vibration isn’t some kind of pathological hallucination. It simply reflects our near-perfect perceptual systems trying their best in an uncertain and noisy world.

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