Why collaboration is vital to creating effective schools


Why is collaboration vital to create effective schools?   The low-income districts and schools that have demonstrated the greatest improvement in student outcomes are generally characterized by deep collaboration between administrators and teachers.  There is a huge conflict behind the education reform and this could hold back the educational progress.

There are five successful pillars of successful schools found in a study done by Led by Anthony S. Bryk, the president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching .

1. a coherent instructional guidance system, in which the curriculum, study materials, pedagogical strategies, and assessments are coordinated within and across grades with meaningful teacher input;

 2. an effective system to improve professional capacity, including making teachers’ classroom work public for examination by colleagues and external consultants to  enable ongoing support and guidance to teachers;

3. strong parent-community-school ties, which closely integrate the network of people focused on enabling each student to learn;

4. a student-centered learning climate that identifies and responds to particular difficulties any child may be encountering; and

5. leadership focused on cultivating a growing cadre of stakeholders (teachers, parents, and community members) who become invested in sharing overall responsibility for the school’s improvement.

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