What You Didn’t Post, Facebook May Still Know


Facebook has collected a stream of data on its users but still does not know them as well as they should.  Facebook Company hopes to become the web’s most effective advertising platform.  Facebook is indeed tapping into outside sources to learn more about its users.

Facebook says that this way, marketers will be able to reach the right audience for the right products, and consumers will see advertisements that are, as the company calls it, “relevant” to them.

Do you think what this company is doing is constitutional?

In late February Facebook announced partnerships with four companies that collect lucrative behavior data.  Among the four companies are Acxiom and Datalogix  and they are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission to see how they collect and use consumer data.

Last fall Facebook partners invited potential advertisers to provide e-mail addresses of their customers in exchange to show users ads on their brands.

Do you think that these partnerships in sharing consumer information violate privacy for users?

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